What I Did to Eliminate Headaches

For years, I felt like I was trapped in a fog, never feeling 100%, struggling through headaches 3-4 times each week.

I pushed on as well as I could through them, but I never felt like I was functioning at full capacity, like even when it wasn’t hurting, my brain just felt sluggish.

Then, I started making some changes and becoming aware of what products and ingredients I was including in my life. Over the course of a year, I eliminated certain ingredients from my home, and during that time, I realized that my headaches were becoming less frequent and my mental clarity was improving.

Now, a couple years later, the headaches are so infrequent that I can’t even say how often they come – maybe 3-5 a year? Certainly a vast improvement from 3 or 4 each week, and I will never go back! Life is so good with a clear head!

Click the link below to read more about what I eliminated and find a super simple DIY recipe to help you get started!

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