Starting from Scratch

A beautiful golden loaf of homemade bread and some burger buns.

It’s hard to say exactly when my journey began.

What I consider the first “official” step was making foods from scratch, which seems almost poetic somehow.

I believe it was in 2011 when the news broke about the ingredients in the bread at a certain sandwich chain – ingredients that could also be found in yoga mats.

Should anything in a yoga mat be in my sandwich? My thought was “no!”

That led to what was probably the first official step I took toward living more naturally – knowing what was going into the food I was consuming.

In 2012, I made a resolution to make one new food item from scratch each month.

I started with bread. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the easiest place to begin, but probably in part due to the fact that it’s the item which had inspired this mission in the first place, it seemed like a logical starting point for me.

It may not be as pretty as store-bought bread, but it tastes much better, and I can feel good about what’s in it!

I learned about yeast and proofing and different types of flours, and I realized that it wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated. Sure, it took time – a lot of it! But much of it was time waiting for the dough to rise, and I could work on other things while I waited. I could only bake bread on days I didn’t work, but if you’ve ever eaten homemade bread fresh out of the oven, you know that it’s well worth it!

My other adventures that year included other bread items, such as burger buns, pita bread, and pizza crust, as well as things like peanut butter cups, jam, and more.

My advice if you’d like to take on making food from scratch? Start with what interests you, so you’ll be more likely to stick with it. For me, it was bread, crazy as that seems. For you, it might be something simpler, and that’s fantastic! Wherever you feel led to begin, start there. But don’t be afraid to try something more difficult. It’s all a journey, and what matters is the lessons you learn along the way.

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